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Today’s manufacturing relies more than ever on parts, components and subassemblies that need to be assembled into finished goods.

But they also need to be traced and tracked through all the related production and assembly processes, for everything from manufacturing automation to quality assurance and compliance.

This poses a big challenge for many manufacturers who need to enable and ensure traceability, especially as products become increasingly complex, customized and sophisticated.

In some cases, such as tracing subassembly, testing and final assembly of products such as printed circuit boards, there are numerous barcodes or digital part marks that might need to be scanned and tracked. And they can be extremely small and difficult to capture depending on available space, lighting, and the quality and capabilities of scanning devices.

Fortunately, data capture technologies have been evolving to keep up with these increasingly demanding traceability needs, and a great example is Zebra’s new fixed industrial scanning (FIS) and machine vision (MV) solutions.

As a global leader in data capture since the advent of barcodes in the late 1960s, Zebra has continuously developed leading-edge scanning and imaging technologies, and its new FIS and MV devices are its latest breakthrough in industrial traceability.

Using Zebra’s fixed-position scanners and imagers as well as its software platform, you can capture virtually any number of barcodes with precisely the right scanning resolution, lensing, lighting, mounting and other factors to ensure reliable data capture every time.

It’s as simple as defining all your points of interest with Zebra’s easy-to-use software, which walks you through the process and allows you to quickly define and program all the parameters you need. You can account for a whole range of factors, including:

  • Barcode size and type
  • Barcode locations and orientations
  • Barcode colors
  • Available light
  • Scanning distance and angle
  • Readable surface areas

With Zebra’s compact scanners, mounting hardware, and accessories, you can also mount your devices virtually anywhere you need them, even in the tightest confines with limited implementation space.

Importantly for many of our customers who’ve struggled with the complexity of setting up fixed scanning in the past, Zebra’s hardware works out of the box with a built-in lens and lighting you can configure for your specific application. Each device is an all-in-one solution that not only serves as a fixed-position scanner but can even be upgraded to a machine vision device with a simple software license update.

In our experience, you can get a traceability solution up and running in as little as 15 minutes with Zebra’s hardware and software. Ultimately, you can deploy an entire array of scanners on day one and start capturing every barcode to track parts and components and marry subassemblies to finished products.

You can also integrate Zebra’s scanners with virtually any third-party system you might use, including your MES, ERP and more. Now that product and lot traceability are so crucial for manufacturers, this is proving to be a life saver for plant managers, manufacturing engineers, quality managers and anyone who needs to track-and-trace data at their fingertips.

FIS solutions can also deliver additional benefits by helping plants automate many of their production processes, from automatically verifying and sorting parts on conveyor systems to enabling robotic palletization of finished goods and packaging.

To get a better sense of what’s possible with Zebra’s technologies, you can download our fixed scanning and machine vision brochure, and we’re also available to set up a free demo to show you how Zebra’s devices and software work.

We can also provide advice and consulting on how to choose, configure and deploy a complete traceability solution using these new technologies, and we can even provide on-site installation and support.

Just contact us now at Diversified Technologies to get started, and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.