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Servo System

Accurax G5 Servo Motor

Omron EtherCAT Accurax G5 Servo Motor with 20-bit Encoder, IP67 Rating, 5G Vibration Resisting and Multiple Configuration Options Based on Application Requirements

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  • IP67 motor and connectors
  • No flying leads
  • 5G vibration resistance
  • Use of 10 pole motors
  • Improved technology to minimize the encoder non-lineal errors
  • 20 bit encoder
  • Faster processor
  • EtherCAT
  • Compliant with CoE-CiA402 Drive Profile
  • Cyclic synchronous Position, Velocity and Torque modes\
  • Embedded Gear Ratio, Homing and Profile Position mode
  • Distributed clock to ensure high precision synchronization
  • Patented new stator PACK & CLAMP technology
  • 40% reduction in iron losses
  • 45% smaller encoder
  • Sizes from 50W to 15 kW, rated speeds of 1000 rpm, 1500 rpm, 2000 rpm and 3000 rpm
  • Peak torque 300% of continuous torque during 3 seconds or more depending on model
  • High accuracy provided by a 20 bit resolution encoder, ABS encoder as an option
  • IP67 protection in all motor models
  • Low speed ripple and low torque ripple due to low torque cogging
  • Compact design and robust construction including smart connectors
  • No motor settings required, just plug and run