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capaNCDT 61×0/IP

Micro Epsilon capaNCDT 61xO/IP Capacitive measuring System for Industrial Applications

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The capaNCDT 61x0/IP is an industrial-grade, capacitive measuring system for inline quality assurance and for plant and machinery control. This precise sensor system consists of a sensor, a sensor cable and a controller, which are ready for use without any on-site calibration. The sensor system detects parameters such as distance, deflection, expansion, displacement and deformation on conductive targets. Very good temperature stability, insensitivity to magnetic fields and a robust design make the capaNCDT 61x0/IP ideally suitable for measurement tasks in industrial environments


  • Compact and robust controller
  • Compatable with all CSE & CSF series of Capacitive Sensors
  • Complete sensor portfolio including 15 models
  • Sensor Cable lengths up to 8 m
  • IP68 for harsh environments
  • Replacing sensor and controller
  • without recalibration
  • Triaxial design for stable measurement results