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Micro Epsilon capaNCDT DTV Capacitance Disc Thickness Sensor

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With the capaNCDT DTV, Micro-Epsilon has developed a product range that is specifically used for non-contact detection of Disc Thickness Variation. Disc Thickness Variation (DTV) is the thickness deviation of brake discs. In order to achieve maximum efficiency of the braking system, the disc must have an even thickness. Unevenness, runout or abrasion on the friction surface of the disc cause the brake pads to lose contact with the rotating disc.


  • ƒNon-contact measurement of Disc Thickness Variation
  • ƒƒDynamic and precise measurements
  • ƒƒRobust sensor design for long-life operation
  • ƒƒSuitable for test bench, road test and car repair shops