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Motion Controller


Omron CK3M Compact Programmable Multi Axis Controller with EtherCAT Interface, 1GB RAM, 1GB Flash, 16 Controlled Axes, 50 μs/5 axes+ Motion Control Period & Support for 1 Expansion Rack

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The Omron CK3M performs precise linear motor drive control and nanoscale positioning with superior motion control capability, multi-vendor connectivity and flexible development capability.


  • Local axes for nanoscale precision
  • Ultra high-speed synchronous contro
  • Custom servo regulation algorithms
  • Ability to utilize multi-vendor actuators and encoders
  • Programming on G-code, ANSI C or original programming language
  • EtherCAT for flexible configuration
  • Modular design and DIN rail mounting
  • Max. no. of controlled axes: 16(EtherCAT® : 8, 2 axial interface units : 8)
  • Motion control period: 50 μs/5 axes or more
  • Control method: Analog(Filtered PWM, True DAC), pulse
  • Interface: Ethernet port, EtherCAT® port (CPU option)
  • Feedback: AB phase, serial encoders
  • Memory RAM: 1 GB
  • Flash: 1 GB