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Inductive Displacement Sensor

Clamping Stroke Sensor

Micro-Epsilon Clamping Stroke Inductive Displacement Sensor for Clamping Position in Machine Tools

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To monitor the clamping position in machine tools, analog LVP sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used. The cylindrical sensor is integrated into the release device and directly measures the clamping stroke of the drawbar. On the drawbar, a ring is fastened, which acts as the target for the sensor. The LVP sensor can be universally used with the most varied types of tool due to an extremely compact sensor design. The sensor supplies an analog signal according to the stroke motion of the drawbar when clamping the tool. Consequently, continuous monitoring is possible without the switching point having to be laboriously set mechanically. The miniature sensor controller can either be accommodated at the point of measurement or in the control cabinet. Thanks to its high accuracy, the LVP sensor contributes significantly to meeting the ever increasing demands on machine tool precision and availability.


  • Short sensor design with a large measuring range (25 mm)
  • Compact sensor for easy integration
  • Non-contact and wear-free measuring principle
  • No adjustment necessary in the machine tool
  • High resolution