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Color Detection Sensor


Micro Epsilon colorCONTROL ACS3 Transmission Sensor for use with colorCONTROL ACS7000; Maxiumum 300 mm Measurement Distance & ø5/9 mm/ 3×2 mm Measurement Spot

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The transmission sensor ACS3 is used to measure self-luminous and transparent objects like foil, glass and Plexiglas. For the color measurement of selfluminous objects, only a receiver unit is required. Measuring transparent objects requires transmitter (TT) and receiver unit (TR) which can be installed with a mounting set.


  • Measurement of self-luminous and transparent objects
  • Measurement distance: max 300mm
  • Measurement geometry: transmission
  • Measurement spot: ø5 / ø9mm (at a measurement distance up to 200mm)