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Color Detection Sensor

colorSENSOR CFO100

Micro Epsilon colorSENSOR CFO100 Universal True Color Controller with max. 10kHz Measurement Speed & 256 Colors in 6 Color Groups Color Memory

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The colorSENSOR CFO100 is a powerful controller for precise color recognition in industrial measurement tasks. The controller is distinguished by high color accuracy, state-of-the-art interfaces and intuitive operation. Using a modulated high-power white light LED, a white light spot is projected via the fiber optics onto the surface of the measuring object. Part of the light that is back scattered from the target is directed onto a perceptive True Color detector via the same fiber optics, separated into long-, medium- and short-wave light components (X=long, Y=medium, Z=short) and transformed into L*a*b* color values. The intuitive web interface allows easy teach-in of 6 color groups with up to 256 colors in total. Multi-teach can alternatively be done via the keys. One function alone adapts the illumination, averaging and signal amplification to the current measurement situation. Furthermore, tolerance models and tolerance values can be adjusted individually. If the sensor recognizes one of the taught colors, the switching state changes via three digital outputs. Using the binary output switching ensures reliable test performance in the face of a discontinuity while providing output of up to 6 color groups.


  • Repeatability in color ΔE ≤ 0.5
  • Measuring rate max. 10 kHz
  • Interfaces: Ethernet / RS232
  • Color memory for 256 colors in 6 color groups
  • Configurable via web interface or function keys
  • High light output >130 Im
  • Multi-teach feature