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Color Detection Sensor


Micro Epsilon colorSENSOR CFS2 Circular Sensor for use with colorSENSOR CFO100/CFO200 Controller for Structured and Metallic-Effect Surfaces

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With the Micro Epsilon CFS2 circular sensor, the light emitted by the controller is sent as an illuminated ring at an angle of 11° or 34° (depending on type) to the surface of the object to be tested. The diffuse back reflection (surface color) of the sample is detected by the sensor at 0° (parallel) to the surface and transmitted to the controller via an optical fiber. The ring illumination makes it possible to detect the diffuse color reflex regardless of structure or reflection. The sensors are available with different illumination angles and different spot sizes. Therefore, it is possible to measure colors with a repeatability of ΔE ≤ 0.3 in relative terms up to a working distance of 100 mm. Other sheaths and cable lengths are optionally available.


  • For textiles, paper, metallic paint, sand, granulate, wood veneers or masterbatch
  • For structured and metallic-effect surfaces
  • Homogeneous illumination of the measuring point
  • Max. working distance of 100 mm (on strongly reflecting surfaces)
  • Very precise positioning of the detection point