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Color Detection Sensor


Micro Epsilon colorSENSOR CFS3 Transmission Sensor for use with colorSENSOR CFO100/CFO200 Controller for Translucent Objects

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With the Micro Epsilon colorSENSOR CFS3 transmission sensor, the light emitted by the controller is sent from one side (backlight) at an angle of 180° (parallel) to the surface of the object to be tested. The transmitted light component (material color) of the sample is detected by the sensor from the opposite side at 0° (parallel) to the surface and transmitted to the controller via an optical fiber. Backlighting also makes it possible to measure in relative terms the colors of liquids in a glass tube or glass body, such as apple juice or detergent, with a repeatability of ΔE ≤ 0.3. The sensors are available with different ranges (distance between transmitter and receiver) and different spot sizes. Other working distances, sheaths and cable lengths are optionally available.


  • For films, glass, translucent liquids, filter or PET bottles
  • For transparent surfaces
  • Max. distance between receiver and transmitter unit 40 mm
  • No exact positioning necessary