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Digital Pressure Gauge

DL 01

BD Sensors DL 01 Digital Battery Powered Digital Pressure Gauge with Data Logging Capability & Stainless Steel Sensor Nominal Pressure from 0 … 100 mbar up to 0 … 400 bar

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The digital pressure gauge DM 01 is a precision device fulfilling highest demands. It was conceived especially for the process monitoring and calibration. The advantage: The DM 01 consists of two devices - the digital display and a pressure transmitter. The pressure transmitter can be selected on site for different measuring ranges and connected to the display - without tools or parameter setting. Outstanding measuring qualities, an intuitive operation, as well as an innovative, modular sensor concept characterise the DM 01. The battery-powered digital pressure gauge can be used e.g. for controlling pressure courses or calibrating pressure transmitters. The integrated data logger is able to record pressure and temperature values linearly and cyclically which can be analysed with the software DAQ.


  • nominal pressure: 0 ... 100 mbar up to 0 ... 400 bar
  • accuracy: 0.05 % FSO BFSL
  • modular sensor concept
  • graphics-capable display
  • background illumination
  • communication interface USB 2.0
  • stainless steel housing dia = 100 mm
  • zero point calibration
  • data logger
  • Optional accredited calibration certificate according to DKD / DAkkS
  • IS-version zone 1
  • service case with accessories
  • software incl. USB converter