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E32 Precision Detection

Omron E32 Precise Detection Fiber Optic Sensor Head

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The Omron E32 Precision Detection Fiber Optic Sensor heads offer detection of extremely small parts.The high precision fibers and focal lenses ensures the highest beam and spot accuracy. This allows detection of extremely small objects and height differences of less than 100 μm.


  • Sensor Type: Through-Beam, Diffused Reflective
  • Coaxial fibers with focal lenses provide spot diameters of 100 μm
  • Variable Focal Point: Coaxial fibers allow the controlled usage of adjustable focal lenses to adjust the focal point and spot size.
  • Through-beam models with a highly focused beam and precise optical axis alignment
  • Limited Reflective Fibers utilize the total reflection on shiny surfaces to detect height differences or objects of less than 100 μm
  • Models available with typical deviation of 0.1° for very precise detections