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Inductive (Eddy Current) Sensor

eddyNCDT 3700

Micro-Epsilon eddyNCDT 3700 is an OEM Sensor System with Measurement Results Down to 0.09 Nanometers (0.00000000009 m)

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The Non-contact displacement sensors, series NCDT 3700 are based on the eddy current principle and are used for measurements against electrically conductive, non-ferromagnetic materials. Measurement results down to 0.09 nanometers (0.00000000009 m) have been achieved. The system has been specifically developed and rated for applications with high and ultra-high requirements of resolution. The eddyNCDT3700 is intended for use in production systems for machine monitoring as a customized system for OEM applications.


  • extremely high resolution
  • miniaturized design
  • low current consumption
  • versatile OEM system
  • stable eddy current technique