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Servo System

G5 Analogue/Pulse Servo Drive

Omron G5 EtherCAT Analogue/Pulse Rotary Servo Drive with Multiple Configuration Options Based on Application Requirements

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  • EtherCAT, ML-II and Analog/pulse servo drive models
  • Safety conforming ISO13849-1 PL-d
  • High-response frequency of 2 kHz
  • High resolution provided by 20 bits encoder
  • Drive Programming: embedded indexer functionality in the Analogue/pulse models
  • External encoder input for full closed loop
  • Real time auto-tuning
  • Advanced tuning algorithms (Anti-vibration function, torque feedforward, disturbance observer)
  • 230 VAC single-phase 100 W to 1.5 kW (8.59 Nm)
  • 400 VAC three-phase 600 W to 15 kW (95.5 Nm)