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Variable Frequency Drive


LS Electric iE5 Low Voltage Variable Frequency Micro Drive with Modbus Communication Interface for Small Packing Machines, Conveyors, Treadmills, etc. Applications with Motor Rating/Rated Output Voltage/Rated Input Voltage/Communication Configuration Options

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  • Smaller micro size
  • Easy operation and control
  • Use to change operation frequency
  • Use for drive operation
  • A reset key when the stop key is fault during drive operation
  • Use between group shifts or parameter setting.
  • This key moves to the left the digit position
  • Use parameter set value change and save
  • Use for code shifts and parameter set value increase
  • Use for code shifts and parameter set value decrease
  • Light on in editing mode
  • Light on in drive operation
  • Light on in forward operation
  • Light on in reverse operation
  • PI Control
  • Modbus communication interface
  • PNP, NPN dual control Signal
  • Parameter copy function