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Confocal Sensors

IFS2402/90-1 5

Micro-Epsilon IFS2402/90-1,5 Confocal Chromatic Miniature Sensor for Displacement, Distance & Position, 4 mm Sensor Diameter with Radial Beam Path, Measuring Range of 1.5 mm, for use with any ConfocalDT IFC Controller

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The Micro-Epsilon IDT IFS2402/90-1,5 confocal displacement sensor is especially suitable for high precision applications in restricted installation spaces on Smooth & Shiny Surfaces. These miniature, confocal chromatic sensors with only 4 mm outer diameter with radial beam path & stainless steel case are perfect for narrow cavities or drill holes.


  • Measuring range: 1.5 mm
  • Resolution: 60 nm
  • Light spot diameter: 20 µm
  • Max. tilt angle: ± 5°
  • Numerical aperture: 0,20
  • Sensor diameter: ø 4 mm