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Variable Frequency Drive


LS Electric iS7 High Performance Standard AC Low Voltage Variable Frequency Drive Drive with V/F Control, V/F PG, Slip Compensation, Sensorless Vector Control, 3 x Expansion Slots and Motor Capacity/Input Voltage/Keypad/UL/Filter/DC Reactor/Customized Product Configuration Options

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  • Powerful Electric Current Type Sensorless Vector Control
  • Sensored Vector Realizing Precise Speed/Torque Control
  • Ride-Through (LV Trip Delay) for Sudden Power Loss
  • V/F Control
  • V/F PG
  • Slip Compensation
  • Sensorless Vector Control
  • Automatic Torque Balance Droop Control
  • Easy Start Parameter Setting
  • Power and Flux Braking for Maximum Deceleration
  • Kinetic Energy Buffering (KEB) for a Stable System Stop in Case of Power Loss or Failure
  • Safety Option
  • 3 x Expansion Slots
  • EMC Filter (In Conformity With EN61800-3) Built-in For Protection From Excessive Electronic Distortion
  • DC Reactor Built-in for Harmonic Reduction and Power Factor Improvement
  • Widened Graphic LCD Keypad
  • Multi-Language Support (5 Languages)
  • Efficient Architecture of 5-Mode 15-Parameter Groups
  • User & Macro Group Support
  • Multi-Function Key
  • Protective Functions Dedicated Motor Control