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Variable Frequency Drive


LS Electric iV5 Low Voltage Compact Variable Frequency Vector Drive with FieldBUS Interface, Speed/Torque control, SIN/COS Encoder, Auto tuning, Endat Encoder, Draw/Droop/Process PID Control, Built-in brake control and Motor Capacity/Motor Input Voltage/Input Voltage/Encoder Type/Mold-MRL Type/Control Board Configuration Options

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  • Speed/Torque control
  • SIN/COS encoder
  • Auto tuning
  • Endat encoder
  • Draw/Droop/Process PID Control
  • Built-in brake control
  • User-friendly keypad
  • Various field bus option
  • DriveView management
  • SIN/COS encoder(Endat encoder)
  • Extension I/O
  • LS485, Modbus-RTU, Device Net, Profibus-DP, CC-Link Support