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Capacitive Sensors


Micro Epsilon KSH10 combines an eddy current displacement sensor and a capacitive displacement sensor. This unique sensor concept enables one-sided thickness measurement of electrically non-conductive materials on metallic objects

The construction of the eddy current measurement coil and the capacitive measurement electrodes is concentric. Both sensors measure against the same spot. The signal of the capacitive displacement sensor is a function of the working distance, the thickness of the insulator (D) and the dielectric constant of the insulator material (εr). At the same time the eddy current displacement sensor measures the distance to the ground electrode (e.g. metal sheet or metal roller positioned behind the film). The controller outputs both single signals as well as the difference between capacitive sensor and eddy current sensor. Also the dielectric constant can be calculated with known thickness and working distance.


  • Sensor KSH10
  • Target thickness (insulator thickness): 40 μm ... 6 mm
  • Working distance: 4 mm ... 10 mm
  • Min. diameter measurement surface: 65 mm