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Linear Encoder

LMF 9310

ACU-RITE LMF 9310 Multi-Section Linear Encoder with 3,150mm to 18,270mm in 180mm Increment Measuring Lengths, 3m/s Traversing Speed, Durable/Rugged Scale Case, 5v Incremental TTL Signals, ±20µm Accuracy Grade & 5V DC ±0.1 V/< 260mA Voltage Supply Without Load

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  • Available in a variety of lengths
  • Accuracy Grade ±20µm
  • Distance Coded Reference Marks
  • 5v Incremental TTL Signals
  • Durable and Rugged Scale Case
  • Traversing Speed = 3m/s
  • Overall width under 35mm (1.4″) wide
  • IP67 Protection Rating• Sturdy design
  • 3,150mm to 18,270mm in 180mm increments
  • 5µm measuring step