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Variable Frequency Drive

Low Voltage VFD Panel

LS Electric Low Voltage VFD LS System Drive Panel with Built-in LS PLC, Built-in LS HMI and Multiple Application Specific Configuration Options Available

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  • Easy to use & easy maintenance design
  • Built-in AC reactor for harmonic reduction
  • Built-in standard sequence meets all operating conditions
  • Vector system, high capacity & energy saving
  • Standard design (Built-in DOL bypass)
  • Built-in DOL (Y-△ option)
  • Wall mountable design for building HVAC system
  • Built-in LS HMI
  • Built-in LS PLC for customizing
  • History Check
  • Parameter Setting
  • Operational Control
  • Monitoring
  • Applications: Oil & gas, food & beverages, water & waste water, power generation, metal processing, chemicals, ship building & marine, rubber & plastics, cement, papers