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Variable Frequency Drive


LS Electric M1000/M1000A Energy Saving Drive Solution LS Medium Voltage Drive with Multi-winding Phase-shift Transformer, Master Control Module and Cell Drive Module and Multiple Application Specific Configuration Options Available for Industrial Plants & SOC Systems

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  • Improved Input Power Quality and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) by Adopting Multi-winding Phase-shift Transformer
  • Producing Multilevel PWM-type Sinusoidal Output
  • Achieving Energy Saving and Minimum Energy Loss through Optimized Speed Control
  • Improving the Productivity with Optimized Facility Operation Ratio
  • Reducing Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • Guaranteeing High Operating Efficiency and Power Factor
  • Standard HD HMI Monitoring Maximizes User Convenience
  • Providing the improved system compatibility with field-bus communication options
  • Standard built-in PLC supports customization
  • Optimized PID Control of Cooling Fan According to Heat Release
  • MV System View
  • Cell Bypass Function
  • Flying Start
  • Ride-through Capability
  • Anti-current Hunt Algorithm in Resonance Area
  • Sensorless Vector Function
  • Synchronous Transfer Function
  • Multi-winding Phase-shift Transformer
  • Master Control Module
  • Cell Drive Module
  • Cascaded H-bridge Multi-level Drive