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Linear Encoder

MS 15

RSF Elektronik MS 15 Exposed Linear Encoder with Single Field Scanning, 20000 mm Maximum Measuring Length, High Permissible Traversing Speed, 10 µm – 0.05 µm Resolution, Reference Mark, Integrated Sub-Dividing Electronics in Encoder Head, High Intensity to Contamination, Display of Signal Quality & TTL/sinus 1 Vpp Output Signal

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  • System resolution: 10 µm - 0.05 µm
  • Display of the signal quality directly at the scanning head via 3-coloured LED function
  • Easy mounting without additional test box
  • Easy mounting as a result of large mounting tolerances
  • High insensitivity to contamination by use of an extensive singlefield scanning principle
  • Output signals: TTL, sinus 1 Vpp
  • High permissible traversing speed
  • Reference mark (accurate and repeatable from both traversing directions)
  • Position selectable by customer
  • Integrated subdividing electronics in the encoder head: for up to times 200 interpolation (before quadrature)
  • Max. measuring length: 20 000 mm
  • Two independent switch signals (optical) for individual special functions