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Angle Encoder


RSF Electronik MSR 45 MOR Full Circle Without Integral Bearing Modular Angle Encoder with <360°/(linesx20)-360°/(linesx400) System Resolution, 152.70 mm-1146.54 Shaft Diameter, ±15"-±80" System Accuracy, 0.5µm-10µm System Resolution, ±30 µm/m Grating Accuracy, 200 µm Grating Period, ∿ 1 Vpp/TTL Signal, 200 ns-500 ns Edge Separation, Times 5-Times 100 Integrated Interpolation and Utilized for Electrical Drive Position & Rotator Control

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  • Full-circle version with clamping element
  • Steel tape scale
  • Grating pitch: 200 µm
  • Easy mounting due to large mounting tolerances
  • High rotational speed
  • Integrated subdividing electronics: up to times 100