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Optical Micrometer

optoCONTROL 2520

Micro-Epsilon optoCONTROL 2520 Optical Precision Micrometer with Integrated Controller with Measuring Ranges of 46mm & 95 mm, Linearity max. 12 µm & Resolution max. 1 µm

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The optoCONTROL 2520 is a compact laser micrometer with high accuracy and measuring rate. A high resolution, different measuring ranges and variable mounting distances allow a wide range of applications in quality monitoring and production control. These micrometers operate according to the transmitted light principle (ThruBeam). Here, the transmitter produces a parallel light curtain that is transmitted via a lens arrangement into the receiver unit. The beam is interrupted if an object is in the light path. Unlike conventional devices, the laser micrometers do not require an external controller. The signal processing takes place entirely inside the device, which facilitates integration and cabling. In addition, the measurement object can beplaced at any position within the light curtain and the distance from transmitter to receiver can be freely selected. parameters such as diameter, gap, height, position and segments are detected at high accuracies. All optoCONTROL models work without rotating mirrors and are therefore completely wear-free. The parallel light curtain is created by special optics in the light source. High quality components in the receiving optics, e.g. filters and lenses, enable the high accuracy of the micrometers. This is why optoCONTROL micrometers are particularly suitable for areas where high precision and reliability are required.


  • Measuring ranges (mm): 46 / 95
  • Linearity max. 12 µm
  • Resolution max. 1 µm
  • Simultaneous output of several measurement values
  • Compact design with integrated controller
  • Variable distances up to 2 m
  • Laser class 1M
  • Configurable via web interface
  • Interfaces Ethernet / EtherCAT / RS422 / analog output / EtherNet/IP / PROFINET