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Optical Micrometer

optoCONTROL 2600

Micro-Epsilon optoCONTROL 2600 High Speed LED Micrometer with Measuring Ranges up to 40mm, Linearity max. 3µm & Resolution max. 0.1µm

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The optoCONTROL 2600 is an optical measuring system with integrated high resolution CCD camera. Using a special lens arrangement, an LED light source produces a parallel light curtain (visible red light), which is imaged on the CCD camera via a telecentric lens. If an object to be measured is placed in the light curtain, the shadow it creates is detected by the CCD array. The measured data is output via analog and digital interfaces. The system is insensitive to high external light conditions. The sensor unit is controlled and evaluated by an intelligent controller with graphical display for operation and display of the measured value. The adjustable light source enables precise measurement of most transparent objects.


  • Measuring ranges (mm): 40
  • Linearity max. 3µm
  • Resolution max. 0.1µm
  • High measuring rate (2.3 kHz)
  • No laser safety class required
  • Measurement against glass and transparent plastic
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • High resolution