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Laser Measurement (Triangulation & Distance) Sensor

optoNCDT ILR 103x/LC1

Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT ILR 103x/LC1 Laser Distance Sensors for Precise Distance and Position Measurements up to 50m

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The ILR103x/LC1 laser distance sensors operate according to the time-of-flight technology. Based on this technology, these sensors provide accurate, reliable and unambiguous as well as reproducible measurement results regardless of ambient conditions such as surface properties, dark colors or ambient light. The sensors use a measuring laser with laser class 1.


  • Measuring range without reflector (m) 15
  • Measuring range with reflector (m) 50
  • Linearity ±20mm
  • Resolution 1mm
  • Response time 10ms
  • Low price segment
  • Insensitive to external light influences
  • Reliable measurement due to Time-of-Flight principle
  • Compact plastic housing
  • Easy adjustment to the target
  • Precise measurement on different surfaces
  • Laser class 1
  • IP67