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Surface Inspection System


Micro-Epsilon reflectCONTROL Surface Inspection System for Shiny Surfaces

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In many areas, ever-increasing requirements are being placed on the quality and appearance of surfaces. Particularly with reflecting surfaces, faultless, high quality production is expected. The parts are often subjected to manual inspection, which can lead to defects being missed due to tiredness of the inspectors. reflectCONTROL Automation is designed for automatic surface inspection of components whose dimensions require several measuring positions. The compact sensor outputs a striped pattern on the display. This striped pattern is mirrored over the surface of the measurement object into the sensor cameras. Any defects on the surface will cause deviations from this striped pattern, which are evaluated by software.


  • Automatic inspection of the entire component in several measuring positions
  • High speed inspection
  • High lateral resolution
  • Cost reduction due to reduced defect slippage compared to visual control