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Variable Frequency Drive


LS Electric S100 Low Voltage Variable Frequency Standard Drive with Built-In EMC Filter, DC Reactor & Safe Torque Off, iS7 & RJ45 Interface and Drive Capacity/Input Voltage/Keypad/UL Type/EMC Filter/Reactor/ I/O Configuration Options

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  • Functions Without Power Input
  • User Sequence Function
  • Multi Keypad Function
  • Simple Installation
  • LED Lamp Feedbacks
  • Read/Write Function of Parameters
  • P2P Function Embedded
  • Powerful Sensorless Control
  • Flying Start Function
  • Conduit Kit
  • Profibus-DP, CANopen, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, PROFInet
  • Simple Cooling Fan Replacement
  • Flange Type
  • Extension I/O Option Card
  • Built-in DC Reactor
  • Built-in EMC Filter
  • Dual Rating Operation
  • Built-in Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • Global Compliance
  • Selectable Rotary/Standstill Auto-tuning
  • 0.4~2.2kW(0.5~3HP) 1-Phase 200~240Volts
  • 0.4~15kW(0.5~20HP) 3-Phase 200~240Volts
  • 0.4~75kW(0.5~100HP) 3-Phase 380~480Volts
  • IP66 NEMA4X 0.4~2.2kW(0.5~3HP) 1-phase 200V~240Volts
  • IP66 NEMA4X 0.4~15kW(0.5~20HP) 3-Phase 200~240Volts
  • IP66 NEMA4X 0.4~22kW(0.5~30HP) 3-Phase 380~480Volts