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Miniature PC

thermoIMAGER TIM NetBox

Micro-Epsilon thermoIMAGER TIM NetBox is a Miniature PC for Thermal Imaging Cameras

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The NetBox is a miniature PC used with the TIM thermal imaging cameras. This enables standalone operation of the camera or operation as USB/Ethernet converter. Therefore, larger distances between the thermal imaging camera and PC are possible.


  • Can be integrated into Cooling Jacket Advanced Extended
  • Miniature PC for TIM 160/ 4x0 standalone mode for cable extension
  • Supports 120Hz (TIM 160 up to 70Hz (TIM 4x0) frame rate, 32Hz (TIM 640)
  • Integrated hardware and software watchdog
  • Optional: up to 20m USB cable, high temperature USB cable, extendable up to 100m Ethernet cable (PoE)