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Infrared Pyrometer

thermoMETER CTVideo M1/M2

Micro-Epsilon thermoMETER CTVideo M1/M2 Infrared Pyrometer with Crosshair Laser Sighting and Video Module for Metals and Ceramics with Measuring Range from 250 to 2200 °C

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The video pyrometers thermoMETER CTVideo and CSVideo measure within the range from 50°C to 2200°C and are therefore ideally suited to high temperature applications. Response times from 1ms enable to integrate them fast and easily into the processes. The vario lenses allow for stepless focusing from a measurement distance of 90mm. Smallest objects from 0.5mm can therefore be measured reliably.


  • Measuring range (°C): 250 up to 2,200
  • Optical resolution: 150:1/300:1
  • Spectral range 1.0 and 1.6µm
  • Response time 1ms
  • Temperature value triggering with automatic snapshot
  • Software Compact Connect included
  • Parallel use of video module and crosshair laser sighting for measuring
  • field adjustment (measuring fields from 0.5mm)
  • Applicable in ambient temperatures up to 70°C without any additional cooling
  • Measurements on hot metals, ceramics and composite materials
  • Automatic snapshot feature for process monitoring and corresponding documentation