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Inductive (Eddy Current) Sensor

turboSPEED DZ140

Micro-Epsilon DZ140 Turbo Speed Sensor is Specifically Designed for the Detection of Turbocharger Rotation Speeds

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The inductive turboSPEED DZ140 sensor system is designed for engine compartment and turbocharger speed measurements. The controller is integrated in an IP65-protected miniature housing intended for operating temperatures up to 115 °C. The sensor resists temperatures up to 285 °C, and can be easily installed in the engine compartment. The inductive measuring principle offers superior interference resistance for EMC requirements, as well as in test cells and on-road testing. All the while providing precise measurements in the range of 200 rpm to 400,000 rpm.


  • Precise rotation speed measurement in industrial environments
  • 1 ... 400,000 rpm
  • Material-independent measurements
  • High interference immunity, reliability and accuracy
  • Easy integration due to compact sensor size
  • Special rotation speed measuring system for turbochargers