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Omron Microscan V410-H Handheld Industrial SR/HC/XD High Resolution Corded 1D/2D/DPM Barcode Scanner with USB/Serial Interface Options

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The Omron V410-H high resolution handheld barcode reader features X-Mode scanning algorithms, providing reliable decoding of even the most difficult barcodes, including 1D/2D and direct part mark (DPM). The Standard Range (SR) model provides outstanding read range, while the Healthcare (HC) model is designed for use in Life Sciences & Medical Environments. The utilizes the WebLink PC intuitive configuration and run-time viewing utility, which will flawlessly interface with any Windows-enabled device.


  • Versatile, powerful decode performance for any application
  • Simple configuration and management of multiple readers via WebLinkPC
  • Point-and-shoot decode performance and minimal workflow disruption
  • Industry-leading 1D/2D DPM decoding performance with Omron’s X-Mode Imaging Technology (V410-H XD)
  • IP52 sealing to protect against spills
  • Captures 1D and 2D barcodes at variable distances and densities
  • Covered speaker and screw holes to mitigate bacteria buildup (V410-H HC)
  • On-the-fly switching between handheld and hands-free reading