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Application Example in the Marine Industry

There are numerous application examples that pertain to the Marine industry. Whether it be for Shipping and yacht construction, or, Freshwater and Saltwater pressure/ level monitoring, Diversified Technologies has every industry leading product that will guarantee a lifetime of cost-effective reliability matter the application.

The Marine Industry can get very complex and overwhelming when dealing with extensive application requirements. Being in this industry for over 30 Years, we have become aware of this, so we decided to act upon it.

There is a significant lack of information pertaining to these industries’ products as well as accompanying application examples; so, In order to further our dedication to you as a customer, Diversified Technologies decided to provide our most common products relating to each accompanying Industry.

Application Example pertaining to the Marine Industry

Diversified Technologies offers two specialty DB pressure sensors designed specifically for the oil and gas industry:

The DMP 304 sensor is made from stainless steel and is a high-pressure transmitter (strain gauge). The unique stainless steel material used is highly resistant, making it ideal for extreme conditions and functional in IS-required areas.

The HU 300 sensor is also a stainless steel pressure transmitter. The HU 300 pressure sensor is uniquely designed to handle extreme conditions in the petrochemical, including on and offshore drilling sites, industry. This pressure sensor is preferably used in cementing wellbores, intensifying wellbores, and hydraulic fracturing.

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