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Being able to maintain accurate information of some of our most precious resources is paramount. For the oil and gas industry, resource management is a top priority and having the correct equipment to manage this is essential.

Diversified Technologies recognizes this need. That’s why we offer a variety of high quality pressure and liquid measurement sensors for every need of our customers in the oil and gas industry.

Pressure Sensors

Diversified Technologies offers two specialty BD pressure sensors designed specifically for the oil and gas industry: DMP 304 and HU 300.

The DMP 304 sensor is made from stainless steel and is a high-pressure transmitter (strain gauge). The stainless steel material used is highly compatible making it ideal for extreme conditions. The DMP304 is also available with IS.

The HU 300 sensor is also a stainless steel pressure transmitter. The HU 300 pressure sensor is uniquely designed to handle extreme conditions in the petrochemical, including on and offshore drilling sites, industry. This pressure sensor is preferably used in cementing wellbores, intensifying wellbores, and hydraulic fracturing.

DMP 304

HU 300

Level Sensors

Maybe you don’t need pressure sensors. Well, you’re in luck because Diversified Technologies also offers several level sensors for the oil and gas industry as well including: LMP 307i, LMK 358 H, LMK 858, and 18.605 G.

Choosing the correct level sensor depends on the media, or liquid type, the sensor will be placed in and your specific sensor applications.

The LMP 307i is a stainless steel level sensor designed for water and cleaner, lightly polluted fluid measurement. Similarly, the 18.605 G stainless steel level sensor is designed specifically for water and fuel oil tank measurement. Both of these sensors are made of high quality stainless steel to ensure measurement reliability in the long term.

The LMK 358 H is a stainless steel level measurement with a detachable back end, that also boasts Hart communication capabilities for ease of use. The LMK 358 H level sensor is best used to measure waste water, waste, and higher viscosity media.

The LMK 858 is a plastic probe level sensor that also has a detachable back end. This plastic sensor is designed for operation in aggressive media like acids and alkalis, desalination plants, and other media like sludge.

Not sure which sensor you need?

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LMP 307i


LMK 358H

LMK 858