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Easily achieve product traceability, process automation, and automated visual inspections with Zebra’s groundbreaking fixed industrial scanners and machine vision technologies.

Zebra’s scanning and machine vision devices are incredibly easy to deploy, and they capture all the data, vision, and sensor data you need to:

  • Automatically track and trace components, parts, and products
  • Automate visual inspections and process verification
  • Enable high-speed sorting, routing, and logistics processes
  • Enable robotic palletization for product packaging

Technology for Unprecedented Traceability and Quality Control

Zebra’s intelligent scanning and imaging algorithms ensure first-time and accurate capture of data formats including:

  • 1D/2D barcodes
  • Direct part marks (DPMs)
  • OCR text

You can also add machine vision and sensor toolsets to Zebra’s fixed scanning devices with a simple software license upgrade, allowing you to:

  • Automate and streamline visual inspections
  • Verify product assemblies and process step completion
  • Count parts, components and products

Fast, Adaptable and Easy to Deploy with One Software Platform

Zebra’s fixed scanning and machine vision devices are easy to install and configure with plug-and-play simplicity and a common and easy-to-learn software platform across all devices. A user-friendly interface and powerful configuration tools will help you get up and running on day one, with trusted scanning decode and visual inspection performance.

FS10 Fixed Industrial Scanner

Plug-and-play high-quality scanning wherever you need it

FS20 Fixed Industrial Scanner

Easily integrate high-quality scanning into your network

FS40 Fixed Industrial Scanner

A comprehensive feature set, extraordinary flexibility and unsurpassed value

FS70 Fixed Industrial Scanner

The completely customizable solution to meet unique scanning needs

VS20 Machine Vision Smart Camera

Easy machine vision integration into your industrial network

VS40 Machine Vision Smart Camera

Comprehensive machine vision features integrated into a single package

VS70 Machine Vision Smart Camera

Completely customizable machine vision to meet unique quality inspection needs

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