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Product quality is always a big differentiator for successful products and brands, but it’s probably never been more difficult to achieve than it is now. With explosive growth in product customization and complexity as well as SKU and order volumes in recent years, it can be difficult to keep up with production demands while still ensuring that products are manufactured and assembled properly.

This is one of the main reasons why machine vision has become an increasingly important technology strategy for many companies. By using machine vision cameras that can automatically and visually inspect components, sub-assemblies, assemblies and finished goods, manufacturers can more accurately and efficiently verify product quality at the highest volumes and with the most stringent specs and highest rates of complexity.

A good example is Zebra’s new machine vision (MV) solutions, which have created a huge breakthrough for manufacturers that need a simple yet highly effective way to set up automated visual inspections.

Ready-to-Use Vision Technology

Zebra’s MV camera devices provide out-of-the-box imaging and vision technology as well as sensor toolsets to automate visual quality inspections, process validation, part counts, and much more. Using Zebra’s easy-to-use software, you can configure and “train” these cameras in as little as 15 minutes, so you can start using them to inspect, count, or verify components, assemblies or finished products against standards, specs and correct samples you choose.

You can configure a custom visual inspection depending on the object(s) to be inspected, their type, color, shape, the angle of inspection, distance, lighting, environment and many other factors. There are multiple lensing options and configurations readily available for you to choose, and if you have specialized requirements or would prefer to have expert assistance, you can get professional help and on-site guidance from our team at Diversified Technologies.

We’ve been helping clients configure and deploy machine vision, automation and data collection systems for over 30 years, and we’ve developed a quick and thorough survey and assessment process that allows us to help clients get up and running in as little time as possible.

By combining this process with Zebra’s MV cameras, we’re able to help companies start automating their visual inspections and ramp up high-quality output on day one. And the potential applications are virtually limitless.


You can automate, streamline and error-proof almost any visual inspection process, using machine vision and Zebra’s solutions to:

  • Visually check parts or products against specifications
  • Confirm that correct parts have been used or installed
  • Validate that key production processes have been completed for work in process
  • Automate component or product counts
  • Automate many other visual inspection processes

Setting up these kinds of automated inspections is a great way to minimize the time, labor and potential errors involved in conducting quality inspections manually and with the human eye. It’s also an ideal way to deal with growing production volumes that involve increasingly complex and customized products with different components, assembly processes and requirements.

With machine vision, you can improve quality levels, identify issues, and start taking corrective actions right away, using the efficiency of intelligent automation and vision technology. You can also configure machine vision solutions that can be used for future retrofits, line build-outs, new lines, or additional applications.

One Platform, Unlimited Flexibility

Zebra’s hardware and simple software provide a single platform and complete flexibility to support different processes, specs and requirements throughout your operations. And you can easily “retrain” and relocate your MV cameras as needed.

Importantly, you don’t have to juggle different devices or applications to get the results you need. There’s no need to pull together hardware and software from different providers, and you can even use Zebra’s devices as not just MV cameras but also as fixed industrial scanners. A simple change or upgrade in software licensing unlocks either set of capabilities for your manufacturing needs.

Of course, all of this may sound great, but seeing is believing. So if you’re looking for the simplest way to automate and improve your visual inspections, watch our overview video, download our machine vision brochure, and contact our team at Diversified Technologies to arrange a demo, consultation, and complete machine vision assessment for your specific requirements.

We’ll show you how Zebra’s solutions work, how we can help you get them up and running quickly and easily, and the many ways you can potentially use them for quality assurance in your operations. Contact us now to get started.