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About Us

If you ask John Saporito how many staff members were with Diversified Technologies MCT/RAM in its founding year of 1984, he’ll tell you simply and sincerely: “just me.”

Then called Motion Control Technology, Saporito started out in his parents’ basement in Greece, NY, fresh out of Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a phone line, a fax machine… and keen observation.

“I saw there was a need for innovative Automation, Sensing and Control technology that wasn’t currently being utilized in the Industrial world,” Saporito says. “Therefore, I went out and found revolutionary technology throughout the world and entered into agreements with these new frontier technology producers to bring their products to market.”

Nearly 40 years later, the company has grown to become Diversified Technologies MCT/RAM; maintaining a prestigious status as a major supplier and manufacturer of some of the most advanced, high-tech Industrial Automation & Data Collection products and solutions.

While Diversified Technologies now manages additional offices in Atlanta, GA, and Delray Beach, FL (central headquarters have stayed in upstate New York), Saporito’s approach to customer service reflects an attentive, personalized, “local” approach infrequently seen in a digital world.

“We value every customer both big and small,” says Saporito. “We answer the phone. We constantly seek to gain knowledge of new technology that can help our customers succeed. We care.”

If you need to sense it, move it, control it, inspect it, verify it, track it or DAQ it…Diversified Technologies MCT/RAM is your one-stop source!


Since 1984 MCT/RAM has been a leader in Engineer Solutions by partnering with World Class manufacturers and companies around the globe. Providing quality products with excellent customer service is the backbone of MCT/RAM.


Since 1984 Diversified Technologies has been the global leader in engineered solutions, partnering with world class manufacturers and solution providers.