Specializing in Industrial Automation & Data Collection Since 1984


Diversified Technologies specializes in providing Manufacturers, OEMs, Panel Builders, Machine Builders System Integrators, Contract Manufacturers and End Users with custom Sensing, Motion Control, Barcode & Vision and Industrial Computing Solutions. Our offering includes fully customizable Industrial IoT & Factory Automation packages for Remote Sensing, Data Acquisition, Remote Monitoring & Control, SCADA, Visual Inspection, Machine Vision, Verification, Traceability and much more. Most importantly, our solutions are designed to provide configuration flexibility for utilization throughout the Assembly, Final Assembly, Test & Measurement, Inspection, Warehouse, and Distribution process.

If you have ongoing or future project requirements, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. With 35+ years of product, technical and application knowledge, we possess the ability to closely collaborate on projects of varying scope with the main goal of working to develop, pilot, implement and support fully the deployment of a fully customized and standardizable solution(s) for ongoing implementation into your process.