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Industrial Wireless Sensing Solutions

Advantech manufactures Industrial Wireless Sensing products and solutions, ranging from Wzzard Mesh Starter kits to Wzzard Mesh Gateways, Wzzard Mesh Nodes & LoRa sensing units. Wzzard Mesh starter kits for edge wireless data collection range from HVAC to Energy Monitoring, Refrigeration Monitoring, Condition-Base monitoring & Stack Light Monitoring. If you have an alternative sensing solution, we are here to assist you directly with putting together a solution that you can implement onsite. Advantech’s Wired and LTE Gateways, paired with their Mesh Nodes, enables the user to acquire data remotely and efficiently get that data back to a centralized location via the gateway. LoRaWAN gateways and Nodes are also available to accomplish the same, working underneath your wireless network, making this an ideal option for a shorter range, low security solution.

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