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Rackmount/Wall mount/Desktop Chassis

Advantech’s Rackmount, Wall mount & Desktop chassis provide access to an unlimited number of configurations depending on what you require. Chassis range from five slot to 20 slot configurations and are commonly paired with either a mini-ITX Motherboard, microATX Motherboard, ATX Motherboard, UTX Server board or PICMG 1.0/1.3 Passive Backplane paired with a PICMG 1.0/PICMG 1.3 Single Board Computer, depending on the chassis size, ISA/PCI/PCIe, CPU, RAM, storage, RAID options, etc. required.

With the above stated, there are a few flagship chassis that have always served our customers well. When it comes to a smaller form factor, the IPC-5120 and IPC-6608 chassis are a Motherboard and Backplane chassis respectively that are highly utilized with combo testers due to space restrictions. For a 19” 4U Rackmount Chassis option, the ACP-4000 Backplane/Motherboard chassis, IPC-610-H Backplane/Motherboard chassis and ACP-4010 Motherboard chassis are the more popular choices.

If 4U is too big, a very popular option is the 19” compact 3U HPC-7320MB Motherboard chassis, which supports, ATX Motherboards and server boards and can be mounted laying down or standing up, making an ideal solution for assembly lines.

Please don’t forget that Advantech’s chassis, depending on form factor and size include hot-swappable drive bays for multiple drive installations, optical drives, RAID configurations, multiple system cooling fans when numerous I/O cards are present, a variety of internal storage drive bays for additional storage, front USB, COM & PS/2 ports for easy access and single and redundant power supply options, depending on your configuration and what is needed from a power perspective to support it.

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