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Remote I/O & Wireless Sensing Modules

Advantech’s Remote I/O & Wireless Sensing products offer RS-485, Ethernet & Wireless Analog & Digital I/O Modules, Ethernet & RS-485 based PC Controllers with corresponding Analog & Digital I/O and Serial Converters & Repeaters for the purpose of remotely monitoring and acquiring data. Defining the data to be acquired, data location, distance, current power and communications at data source, physical interface, where the data must be sent to and the communications protocol required for sending the data all play a factor in what solution is selected for meeting your objectives.

If you have a data point(s) that you would like to monitor but have nothing present at this time, we provide sensors of all types. We can also work with you to define answers to the above and provide you with a solution that gets you the data you need and in a format that is useful to you.

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