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Motion Controller


Omron CK3E Compact Programmable Multi Axis Controller with EtherCAT Interface, Support for 8, 16 & 32 Axes, , 1GB RAM, 1GB Flash, 1 x EtherCAT Port, 1 x RJ45 Port, 1 x USB 3.0 Port, 32 Slave Maximum & 24V DC Default Power Input

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With Delta Tau Data Systems Motion Control technologies, the Omron CK3E is a controller designed for precise multi-axis control, capable of controlling up to 32 axes of motion and incorporate customized control algorithms into the system. The Omron CK3E enables programming in C language and the compact design saves space in machines and control panels. EtherCAT® connects servo drives, I/O, and other devices to the CK3E, reducing cabling and clutter.


  • Up to 32 axes motion control
  • 250 ┬Ás motion control period
  • Flexible function development capability enables high-precision curve machining
  • EtherCAT for flexible system configuration
  • Modbus TCP for PLC communication, visualization and programming
  • USB port for data logging or G-Code download