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Color Detection Sensor


Micro Epsilon colorCONTROL ACS2 Circular Sensor for use with colorCONTROL ACS7000; 28 mm/27.5 mm/28.5 mm Measurement Distance & ø5/3×2 mm/9 mm Measurement Spot

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The circular sensor ACS2 is used for color measurement of structured and highly reflective surfaces as well as lustrous metals. In the sensor, 24 lighting optics are circularly arranged around the receiving optics and provide a constant homogeneous lighting permitting that the measurement can be executed independently from the angular position of the measurement object. This sensor enables as well to measure small measurement objects and curved surfaces.


  • Color measurement of structured, highly reflective surfaces and lustrous metals
  • Measurement distance: 28mm / 27.5mm
  • Measurement geometry: Circular sensor 45°c:0°
  • Measurement spot: ø5mm / 3x2mm