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Omron E3NX-CA Color Mark Fiber Amplifier

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The Omron E3NX-CA Colormark fiber amplifier has two outputs for detecting minute differences between colormarks and their respective backgrounds. The E3NX-CA can have 8 separate programs with either manual or remote selection. Remote selection requires the use of a network communications unit.


  • Detects subtle color differences
  • The new white LED optic system increases the light intensity and the low-noise circuit in the Smart Fiber Amplifier Unit provides Superb detection capability
  • Handles glossy workpieces
  • Smart Tuning lets you set the optimum sensitivity for detection with one simple operation
  • IoT compatible
  • Connect an existing E32-Series general-purpose fiber unit, over 100 to choose from
  • The detected RGB data can be displayed on the Amplifier Unit, and the Amplifier Unit for communications can transfer this data