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Fiber Laser Marker


Omron MX-Z Fiber Laser Marker with 2 μm/4 μm Marking Resolution, 90×90mm/160×160mm Marking Area, 170±10mm/220±10mm Working Distance and EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232 & RS-422 Interface

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Omron’s advanced laser marking technology provides a better way to permanently apply durable, data-packed barcodes and human-readable information to parts and products. The MX-Z2000H-V1 Series Laser Marker makes it possible to perform several tasks all at once, including product alignment, marking and verification of the mark produced. This reduces the number of operations, shortens cycle time and cuts equipment costs.


  • Communications and Control via EtherNet/IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232, RS-422
  • Target materials to laser mark: Stainless Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Gold, Silver, ABS, PBT, POM, PC, PP, PVC and other materials
  • Color marking on stainless steel
  • High resolution of 2µm gives the ability to mark characters as small as 0.1mm (100µm)
  • Laser mark 1D and 2D codes (Code 39, NW-7, ITF, Code 128, JAN, GS1, QR Codes, Micro QR, Data Matrix - ECC200, GS1 Data Matrix)
  • Imports and laser marks drawings (DXF) or JPG, BMP, PNG images
  • Reduce the Cycle Time and Equipment Required
  • Laser marking in three axes
  • 1D and 2D code marking
  • Range of 0.1mm to 120mm height for individual characters
  • MOPA (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) for laser pulse control
  • Fine detail and deep marking mode options
  • Integrated vision for alignment and code verification
  • Powerful integration with PLC or PC-based control systems