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Laser Measurement (Triangulation & Distance) Sensor

optoNCDT 1750LL

Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT 1750LL Sensors with Small Oval Laser line (LL) for Rough and Reflecting Surfaces with Measuring ranges of 2 | 10 | 20 | 50 mm & Linearity from 1.6µm, Resolution max. 0.1µm, Adjustable measuring rate up to 7.5kHz

The optoNCDT 1750LL sensors operate with an oval light spot which reminds of a short "laser line". The oval light spot and special software algorithms filter out disturbances while significantly simplifying measurements on metallic surfaces. Due to its extremely compact size, the sensor can easily be integrated into restricted installation space. The optoNCDT 1750 laser stands out due to its real-time surface compensation feature. The real-time surface compensation feature (RTSC) determines the amount of reflection from the target surface during continuous exposure and in real-time. All optoNCDT 1750 models are operated using an intuitive web interface. Due to the selectable setting and evaluation possibilities, the optoNCDT 1750 meets the requirements for use in industrial applications with high dynamics.


  • Feasures:
  • Measuring ranges (mm): 2 | 10 | 20 | 50
  • Linearity from 1.6µm
  • Resolution max. 0.1µm
  • Adjustable measuring rate up to 7.5kHz
  • Analog and digital output
  • Precise measurements on metal surfaces
  • Special lens for oval-shaped laser point
  • Distance measurement on structured surfaces
  • Real-time compensation on changing surfaces (RTSC)
  • Integrated controller