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Laser Measurement (Triangulation & Distance) Sensor

optoNCDT ILR 1182/1183

Micro-Epsilon optoNCDT ILR 1182/1183 Laser Distance Sensors for Distance and Position Measurements up to 150m

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optoNCDT ILR118x-30 sensors are robust, optoelectronic sensors for non-contact distance measurements for industrial applications. Both sensors operate according to the phase comparison principle, whereby higher precision can be achieved. They can be easily aligned and positioned with a visible laser beam. The optoNCDT ILR 1182 series operates with a 50 Hz measuring rate and is therefore suitable for fast processes. The mounting grooves on the housing offer flexible mounting options for many situations.


  • Measuring ranges without reflector (m) 80
  • Measuring ranges with reflector (m) 150
  • Linearity ±2 ... ±5mm
  • Resolution 0.1mm
  • Repeatability <0.5mm
  • Practical mounting grooves for easy installation
  • Easy adjustment with laser sighting
  • Precise measurement on various surfaces