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Label Inspection System


Omron V275 Label Inspection System with Zebra ZT610/620 Barcode Label Printer, Integrated Floating Head Inspection Camera & Inspection Software

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The LVS V275 Series print quality inspection system grades 1-D barcodes to ISO/IEC 15416 and 2-D symbols to ISO/IEC 15415 standards. This system conforms to ISO/IEC 15426 for barcode verification systems. Users can configure the threshold for establishing a passing grade. All popular barcode symbologies are supported.

Optical Character Recognition and Validation (OCR and OCV):
Verify Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Optical Character Validation (OCV) data, such as lot number or expiration date
Compare information against expected values
Trigger alarms when a mismatch occurs
Validate expected alphanumeric series, such as serial numbers
Compare values against an imported file containing expected numbers
Learn additional Latin-based character fonts

The V275 system can be operated either locally from the V275 server computer or remotely using a supported remote client connection. Inspection results can be viewed while logged into the system using either method. Inspection automation is supported using a REST interface.

Data Archive and Exporting:
All print job inspection results are time stamped and persist on the V275 server for later retrieval and viewing using the client UI. Persisted inspection results can be exported as a PDF summary or as a detailed JSON report.

Error Notification:
Multiple output options for error notification; including stop relay interface to the printer, external light stack, and on-screen warning set to userdefined thresholds.

Validated System Applications:
The LVS V275 is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant-ready with multiple security levels, comprehensive data management, and reporting options. Microsoft® Active Directory, audit trail of operator actions, and inspection archive for each label.

Audit Trail:
V275 software maintains a complete audit trail to support compliance with quality processes, and to enable compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Omron offers a companion IQ/OQ/PQ procedure to assist customers with maintenance of their quality processes. The IQ/OQ/PQ procedure documents that the V275 system has been installed properly, it operates correctly, and that personnel are adequately trained to run the system in a production environment.


  • Inspect 100% of labels for print quality
  • Verify 1D and 2D codes to ISO standards
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and quality requirements
  • Check for cosmetic blemishes and errors in printed data
  • Avoid costly chargebacks, recalls, and supply chain disruption
  • Inspect labels without slowing printing operations
  • Maintains complete audit trail to meet regulatory requirements
  • Available for Zebra ZT610 and Zebra ZT620 printers