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Confocal Controller

confocalDT IFC2461

Micro-Epsilon confocalDT IFC2461 Confocal Chromatic Measuring Controller for Measurement Rates up to 25kHz & High Light Intensity Measurement for Difficult Surfaces

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The Micro-Epsilon confocalDT IFC2461 systems are used for complex distance and thickness measurements. The IFC2461 controller is equipped with enhanced, optimized optical components for measuring rates up to 25 kHz without having to use an external light source. The high light intensity enables reliable measurements on difficult surfaces, e.g., on matt black objects or for multi-layer thickness measurement of glass. The active exposure regulation feature in the CCD linis for accurate, fast surface compensation on changing surfaces during dynamic measurement processes. The controller can be operated with any IFS sensor and is available as a standard version for distance and thickness measurements or as a multi-peak version for multi-layer measurements. Due to a user-friendly web interface, no additional software is necessary to configure the controller and the sensors. Data output is via Ethernet, EtherCAT, RS422 or analog output.


  • Measuring rate up to 25kHz
  • Ethernet / EtherCAT / RS422 / PROFINET / Ethernet/IP / Analog
  • Fast surface compensation
  • Configuration via web interface
  • Submicrometer resolution
  • Multi-layer thickness measurement
  • Robust design with passive cooling